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RS Quba


The RS Quba is a modern sailing dinghy that is simply fun. Easily handled by one with enough space for two or more, the RS Quba is a perfect platform for beginners or experienced sailors. With a stable hull design and multiple rig options, the RS Quba sails great and was built to last. 


  • The RS Quba has built in stability with a wide hard chined hull

  • It has an uncluttered cockpit with wide rails for comfortable seating

  • The center of effort is well forward for easy tacking and gybing

  • A rockered hull shape gives added light wind speed and promotes planing

  • The raised foredeck in the RS Quba helps shed spray to keep you dry

  • The mainsail uses a track and halyard system for easy stepping of the mast

  • The RS Quba has an optional rowing kit


  • 3 Layer rotomolded RS Comptec PE3 construction

  • Tough outer skin, foam core for stiffness, strong inner skin

  • Thickness added in high load areas which enables reduced overall weight

  • Built in buoyancy with the middle foam layer

  • Brass inserts molded right into the hull provide strong mounting points

  • Virtually maintenance free


MegaByte Sailboats


The Megabtye is a fast, yet stable boat that can be sailed with two crew or raced singlehanded. The boat was designed to carry some “serious weight” with a proper cockpit laid out for two people, but with the simplicity of a single sail. The Megabyte’s lightweight, tapered, carbon fiber mast and fully battened Mylar sail provide plenty of power when needed, and are easy to depower with well led controls. Sailors well over 200 lbs can singlehand the Megabyte competitively and comfortably thanks to its powerful sail plan, deep cockpit, and high boom. The two piece carbon fiber mast and 130 lb hull make Megabytes  easy to car top and transport. The Megabyte was designed by Farr Yacht Design and selected as Boat of the Year by Sailing World in 2000.


Hartley 12


The Hartley 12 is a durable, simple, stable dinghy that is the perfect choice for recreational and learn-to-sail programs. Featuring high freeboard, a deep roomy cockpit with space for 3 or 4, high boom, and open transom, this boat provides a great platform for sailors of all ages and sizes. At only 200lbs the Hartley 12 is a light weight and great sailing boat that is easy to pull up a beach, ramp, or dock. The tough rotomolded construction and kick-up rudder and centerboard make it a long-lasting boat that will add value to your organization for years. The simple sail plan offers an easily reefed main that can be rigged in just minutes.


  • Durable Rotomolded Polyethylene Hull

  • Self-bailing with built in flotation

  • Aluminum Rudder


  • Easily reefed main with vertical battons

  • Jib package included

  • No shrouds or extra rigging to confuse students

  • Sail color availability may not match images seen on website


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