The Wave is an exciting and easy-to-sail catamaran for sailors of all sizes and skills. This recreational boat can be sailed solo or with a crew of four, and the Wave’s boomless sail provides power in all conditions. Thanks to the shape of the hulls, no daggerboards are needed. The rotomolded hull is virtually indestructible, so launching and docking is stress-free. The Hobie Wave is simple and always engaging.


The price is "in the box" not including assembly.  Assembly is $65/hr and it takes roughly 6-8 hours on our site to assemble, rig and be ready for pickup or we can deliver for a small charge.


This is the "classic" wave, designed to disassemble easily for car top or storage. It uses a cable system and Velcro straps to tension the trampoline. The standing rigging attaches to the hulls with a couple of kinds of hooks.


This is preferred to the 'club" wave, which uses a a standard lace up trampoline and the standing rigging is attached with clevis pins and rings and most commonly found at resorts.


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