Half Day Bareboat Rentals are available on a limited basis in High Season.  The day is from 11AM to 5PM.   We require a sailing resume from the captain and reserve the right to charge a $50 cleaning fee if the boat is not left as found.  The boats come with porto-pottis which you will learn how to use during your checkout with our Chartermaster.  They also have ice boxes and you can buy ice and other sundries at the marina store (www.kettlecove.net).  


Boat shoes only or non-marking sneakers.  Credit card required for a $1000 damage deposit.   RAIN CHECKS ONLY if the day is a complete washout.  

We realize you want the perfect day with sun and steady wind but in the summer in Maine we do get brief showers and cannot re-book boat based on a little rain.  We are very reasonable and will provide rain checks if the day is predicted to be a total washout.  

HALF-DAY Bareboat on Sebago Lake


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