The following text is from the original brochure about the Harpoon 4.6 Trainer:


An idea in Club racing whose time has come.There was a time, not so very long ago, when the average young sailor's concept of the ideal club racer conjured up images replete with 470's and Flying Dutchmen. Fragile, complicated, ultra high performance sailing machines with blinding, neck-jerking acceleration and precise, if somewhat jittery, handling. Then something started happpening. A lot of those very same sailors started getting tired of the constant nerves-on-the-edge sort of feeling that goes with racing a nervous, skittery, overly-sensitive performance boat. And tired also of racing with - and more often than not, losing to - the kind of high-powered competitors these world class boats constantly attract. Yet, the only alternative seemed to be stepping down into a boat that was - by comparison - boringly slow, ponderous in its handling and about as quick to respond as an overweight walrus.


Now, with the Harpoon 4.6, there is perhaps for the first time, a meaningful alternative. A boat that is fast and and yet refreshingly umcomplicated. A boat that's really enjoyable to sail. And yet, forgiving. A boat that teaches you when you've made a mistake, instead of punishing you for it. A boat that's stable, tough, and roomy. With a degree of spaciousness that can only be describes as vast for a boat this size......and most importantly, it is a boat that is absolutely unsinkable, and which can easily support the weight of its full crew even when totally swamped. Sailing coaches have said that the Harpoon 4.6 is so forgiving it teaches new sailors when they make mistakes, instead of punishing them for their inexperience.


From Sailrite:

The Boston Whaler Harpoon 4.6 is a 15 foot daysailer which can handle the wind and waves but is still responsive in light winds. The foam sandwich construction makes the Harpoon 4.6 unsinkable.

LOA 15'
LWL 13'4"
Beam 6'7"
Draft board up 6"
Draft board down 3'4"
Hull weight 425 lbs.
Bridge Clearance 23'

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    JUNE 3, 2020
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