Weekly Sunfish

$300 including *delivery, rigging and pickup - subject to *Sebago Sailing's Discretion (Waterfront Access must allow for truck and trailer access to be launched by ONE employee). Call to discuss access to waterfront please.

3 Day if available and local $275

Weekly Sailing Dinghies (O'day Javelins)

$465 including delivery, rigging and pickup to LOCAL PUBLIC RAMP

$495 Boston Whaler Harpoon (larger cockpit, more room & 'unsinkable')

Bareboat Seafarer 26' Keelboat Sebago Lake

Wheel steering, Diesel, PortoPotti

Day- 10AM to 4:30 PM  $250

Half Day 1pm to 4:30 PM


Hobie Mirage Eclipse and Kayak Rentals - BRANDY POND

Call for more info, pricing and availability!       207-647-4400

Please no Texts
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