Hobie Mirage Eclipse 

Taking the East Coast by Storm!
The Hobie Mirage Eclipse is a pedal drive SUP! How cool is that!? The Eclipse can also be used as a standard paddle board. The Eclipse is driven by a Mirage Pedal Drive with  a stepping action on deck. The board is also equipped with a rudder for steering that is controlled by the hand brake mechanism on the handle bar. Safe, stable and fast! 
  • 10.5' Eclipse 

  • 12'  Eclipse 

  • Two colors

    • Blue​

    • ​Yellow​

  • Stable and well balanced

  • Low impact - easy on the back!

  • High calorie burn if you want to push for a big workout.

  • Fins act like a penguins wings underwater for propulsion

  • Adjustable handle bars

  • Pedal OR Paddle, just remove the Mirage Drive to Pedal

  • Several accessories include covers, storage bags, waistline PFD, leash, water bottle holder, cell phone holder




The all-new Hobie Mirage Eclipse stand up paddleboard is taking standup to a whole new level. This incredibly stable board is fun and easy to use for beginners and experienced paddleboarders alike. There's minimal setup so it's easy to go from the car to the water. The Mirage Eclipse is the perfect board for someone who wants to take their fitness out of the gym and on to the water.


Rudder controls on the handle bars make steering the Eclipse easy and intuitive. The kick-up rudder means you never have to worry about damaging your rudder blade, even when the board is beached. Rear gear tie-downs and bungee means you can take a cooler, crate, or even a live-well with you on your adventures. The Eclipse can easily transform in to a high-performance paddleboard by locking the fin in place and removing the drive and handlebar.

• Intuitive, stable, Mirage-powered paddleboard

• Gear tie-downs, kick-up, rudder, and easily adjustable controls make this the perfect board for beginners and experienced paddleboarders

• Steering controls on the handlebar make turning easy

• Mirage drive and handlebar can be removed so the board can be paddled

Length:12 ft / 3.66 m

Width:35 in / 88.9 cm

Weight:58.9 lb / 26.72 kg

Capacity:275 lb / 124.74 kg

Hull Type:Displacement


Primary Use:Recreational

Material:Advanced Composite Epoxy


JUNE 3, 2020
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All BRAND NEW 2019 with 180  (reverse) Drive
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